Suvera v2 is ready for testing

It’s with great pleasure that I am able to finally announce that v2 of the Suvera app is now available for testing!!
In the last 5 months since we finished testing v1 of Suvera, we have been very attentive to evolve v2 to new heights.

In this version, the main struggle has been to strip back the noise that was in v1. Clarity and simplicity was the goal with v2. The focus for clarity and simplicity has been across the following three core functions of the app:

1. Easily add your medications
2. Easily tick your medications
3. Easily track your progress with your medications

In the struggle of maintaining this, I think we have done a very good job of creating a much better app. Alongside this, we have also been very attentive to the details of the application that add that extra level of delight to the experience. These include:

1. Adding start and end dates to each medication schedule – with the intention of easily communicating how long you have and will be on your prescriptions
2. Including an archive feature – that stores all your historical data from previously complete/deleted medications
3. We have notifications that vary in message and emoji – this helps us, help you remain engaged in responding to app reminders
4. Easily add notes to each medication – this is to make it easy to record any information about your meds that you would like to remember

All in all, it has been amazing taking a very focused approach to v2 of Suvera. We really hope you enjoyed some parts of what we have created. Please send us your thoughts and words of honest feedback. We look forward to sharing another post explaining v3 in all its wonder and glory. We hope ☺

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