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The story for Suvera all began with a simple question? Why do people struggle to take their medications?

Thanks to the awfully boring selection of Student selected components (SSCs) projects during my second year of medical school, I decided to create my own independent study project to find some answers. For 8 weeks every Friday (ok ok, most Fridays), I carried out an independent research – investigating the role and effectiveness of the current written medicines information available to patients about their individual prescriptions. By the end of my research I was shocked!! I learnt how poorly patients were supported by the healthcare system in order to learn about their medications. In my mind it was clear, something better could and needed to be done.

So like an over obsessed product guy that I am, myself and Will (Suvera Co-founder) joined a university startup accelerator called Kickstart London, in order to do something about it. Within 10 weeks, we designed an application that we hoped would help provide people with easy to access and useful information about their medications. Although fun, we soon found out that information about medications was not the primary problem we needed to solve.

First Suvera homescreen

Using the privilege handed to us as medical students, our conversations with close to 100 patients about our designs but more importantly, people’s individual experiences, taught us that a more pressing concern for patients was the burden of managing one’s medications, everyday.

Every patient had a version of similarly primitive ways of managing their medications. With the most common strategies including memory and setting up a daily routine. Fundamentally, there was no reliable digital tool in our digital age that someone could easily call upon in order to help them manage their meds. There was hardly anything doctor’s could safely recommend to patients in order to help them manage their meds. Expect from a boring and frankly often embarrassing dosette box. We had to fix this.

We had to fix this because medications are arguable the single greatest tool with which healthcare is able to help people return to good health.

Soon we began to imagine, what if? What if everyone were empowered to take their medications in the way they were supposed to, how many more people could return to good health sooner, and or find the best treatment for their condition in less time.

And so Suvera as we know it today came into being.

The problem we hope to solve is the difficulty with which patients are currently forced to manage their medications.

Our solution is to create an experience that makes it easy for everyone to easily manage their medications

Simple right! Not quite.

We have come to understand the complexity of creating such an experience around medication management has been grossly underestimated by many of the current digital tools available to people. The nuances of helping someone to manage their medications are multiple, behvaioural and individual. As such, to truly create a solution of value, we MUST focus on employing a completely human-centred design approach and build a delightful product with users are the centre of our progress.

So in short, we started Suvera based of a simple question, why do people still struggle to take their medications, today in 2018?

In a world where we are starting to better manage our finances with companies like Monzo and Revolut, it’s about time a similar experience exists to help us manage our health activities. Not fitness but health!!

After understanding that few people were building a progressive and nuanced solution to enable this new digital experience, we taught, why not us? Why not now?

We care about people. We care about design. We care about delightful human experiences. Suvera therefore is a manifestation of our hope for a seemless healthcare for all, starting with a seamless experience for everyone to help manage their medications.

Most recent Suvera homescreen

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in what we are doing, have any ideas, would like to test our products and new features as we release them, even if just to say hello – catch us at

We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on! Thanks for reading.


Co-Founder | Suvera

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