A catch up on the Suvera mission 2019

2019 sees Suvera on course to fulfil a new, clearer mission – to provide the best follow up care for humanity. It’s a huge objective, but equally deeply compelling for us as a team. This is the story behind our ambition…

During my general practice rotations, one phrase proudly quoted by most GPs was – ‘the power we have over doctors in hospital is that we can easily bring the patient back to see us again’ – the follow-up. The follow-up is a great power, it turns a inital 10 minute consultation into a lifetime of care, and I experienced the value of ‘the follow-up’ everyday in practice. But I also profoundly recognised ‘the follow-up’ could be and do so much more.

Really when you look at it – arranging a follow-up appointment isn’t easy, anywhere in the system. In fact, it often isn’t timely. And actually, 10 minutes just isn’t enough time with patients who are in most need of a follow-up appointment. Over time I began to realise the power of ‘the follow-up’ just wasn’t being utilised to its fullest potential. The follow-up needed to be better informed by the patient and their condition to be truly valuable.

And so after sometime, we asked the question – could technology help? What if a thoughtfully designed digital application could assist the doctor to follow up patients? Find out how the patient gets on after an initial appointment and proactively help the doctor understand without needing to see you (by simply seeing your data), whether you might need to be seen or not. Could this help save appointments for those that need to be seen, and have more time to see them? Whilst also saving time and worry for those that don’t need to be seen, and have more time for, living life? Sounds exactly like how things should be?

And so the mission for Suvera was born. Using the best of our medical school training, human-centred design and engineering, we are building a better way of following up every long-term condition.

Suvera will be designed to be there for you from the beginning of your diagnosis to the end and back again. In the palm of your hands, prompt you to collect relevant data, make you laugh, answer your questions and ultimately collect as best a follow up understanding of your condition – enough to deeply inform the next best steps for your care. No appointment required. No need to call back into the practice. No need to worry. All you have to do is to complete the Suvera follow up.

If any concerns from your virtual follow up with us, we hope to make sure you will be seen or prescribed asap! If you are fine, you will be informed asap. That’s it. No time wasted. No back and forth. It’s so simple. It feels like how things should be.

Think of the Suvera app as the digital follow up assistant for your doctor and the entire healthcare team, helping everyone gain a clearer picture of you and your condition as soon, and as quick as possible. If you think back to a time when you have felt most cared for – it undoubtedly would have been when some form of attention to you, met some form of consistency. Using small engagements with you every day, via the Suvera app, we hope to bring attention and consistency of care (aka continuity of care) to you and your condition. Helping doctors decide the best next steps for you, without you needing to book a single appointment, without any delay, zero inconvenience, just a better quality of care. 

We at Suvera, are on a mission. A mission to build the best follow up care for humanity! Why? Because no-one chooses to have a health condition. So the choice to get better, quickly, should be easy. Patients deserve more than the current status quo, patients deserve control over their health, and patients deserve the absolute best health outcomes. Putting follow up care in hands of patients across the globe is the goal, providing the best outcomes for you and your loved ones is the ultimate mission.

Let the journey begin!

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