Job Applicant Privacy Notice

Data that we process

As a potential employee we hold the following data on you:

Contact details, CV, and email correspondence with you. If you are successful in gaining employment with us then you will fall under the employee privacy notice going forward which will be provided to you when sign a contract with us.

We also carry out pre-employment checks, as legally obligated to do so by HMRC and various visa requirement bodies.

Lawful basis for processing

Our lawful basis for processing your data is a combination of contract, legitimate interest and consent. When you applied for a job it was with a view to entering into an employment contract with us. If we decide not to go forward with your application then we use legitimate interest to retain the data should the chosen candidate not work out or another role become immediately available. We use consent to collect references and also if we want to keep your contact details for longer than our usual retention period.

Retention period

For unsuccessful candidates we will keep your data on our database for a year after your application. This is in case another more suitable role opens up, or in case the position becomes re-available. If we want to keep the data longer than this then we will ask for your consent.

Data Sharing and transfers

We do not sell your data to anybody