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Remote Clinic for blood pressure - powered by Suvera

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Using our free remote blood pressure clinic helps us give better care by freeing up time for us to see more people, and allows you to save time and effort waiting to see the doctor in person.

Rawnsley Surgery

How it works

Illustration of a person submitting readings
Submit blood pressure readings -twice a day on 4 separate days
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Accessible support from your GP
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A clear management plan from your GP

The benefits

Patient using remote care

Remote care

You can submit your blood pressure from home, at a time that suits you

It's free

It's completely free for you to use

It helps your practice

It helps your practice to better serve your community, by freeing up appointments

It's holistic

Practical lifestyle advice and support from others in our patient community

Direct access to a GP or clinician

You can call or send a text message directly to our clinicians if you have any questions
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Using Suvera is completely free.
You can contact us between 10 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday using the contact details above.

Is my data secure?

Yes, all patient data is stored securely on UK Amazon Web Servers and is never released to any third party.

Is there a live technical and clinical support team?

Yes, there is a technical and clinical support team for patients. Call us anytime on 02038825131.

Who’s responsible for my care?

You're still registered to your GP practice, who are responsible for your care. Suvera works in partnership with your GP practice to help deliver routine long term care services.

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