The importance of multi-disciplinary tech meetings

Dr Anthony Langham, Suvera's GP and clinical lead is passionate about Multidisciplinary Tech Team Meetings - adapted from the Multidisciplinary Team Meetings of the NHS. Read why here.
Anthony Langham

In the same way that successful clinical services utilise multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDTs), health-tech companies need to develop multi-disciplinary tech team (MDTTs) meetings.

The concept of the Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting (MDT) has been common place within the NHS for decades.

Once a fortnight or once a month a group of cross-functional specialists meet and discuss clinical cases that require input across multiple disciplines to decide on the best course of action for a particular patient (it’s like an episode of “House” but with more drama 😉).

These meetings might be between oncologists and radiologists, or urologists and gynaecologists, or obstetricians and neonatalogists. Either way, they meet, discuss difficult cases that need multiple opinions, make a shared plan, and move forward.

The concept of an MDT doesn’t have an established equivalent in health-tech. The sector is still developing processes and best practices.

At Suvera we have 5 key functions of the business:

  • Clinical
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Product
  • Biz Dev

We believe that each of these functions is a crucial spoke of the wheel in a health-tech company:

Without evidence based clinical treatment, partnerships and sales are meaningless.

Without accessible design and user experience, medical advice will be inaccessible to patients.

Without reliable and scalable technology infrastructure, even the best clinical system won’t be able to improve health outcomes.

Without generating revenue you can’t afford to pay the bills to keep improving your products and services as payers and patients.

At Suvera we understand that each of the 5 key business components should be treated in the same way that specialties within an MDT meeting in the NHS are; with mutual respect and understanding.

The idea of a MDTT Meeting (Multidisciplinary Tech Team Meeting) - Is a nod to the efficiency and collaborative nature of the NHS.

We’re building our Multi-Disciplinary Tech Team (MDTT) right now 🔥🔥🔥 - if you want to be involved - get in touch.