New logo, who dis?

Mariam Bagersh, designer at Suvera writes about her process in designing the brand's new logo.
Mariam Bagersh

What a journey! The logo has been a source of much frustration for the team for a while. Trying to find a combination between unique and simple is always a struggle. At the start of the summer we decided to give this work a chunk of time and spend time chiselling away at it to discover something that would look beautiful and feel natural.

Word-play and exploration

This work started off with a mind-map of associations that the team had with Suvera. We dove into definitions and associations, and landed on 3 main concepts that we decided to explore even further.

suvera + doctor + patient diagram

Based on the associations, we put together a Pinterest board of images that embodied some of these concepts visually. We found clear patterns in some of the images we were pinning and found the strongest visual associations with horizons, empathy and eclipses.

logos associated with horizons

Associations & Visualisations

With these visual associations in mind, we moved forward to a Crazy 8s brainstorm. This is where we have one minute to adapt each sketch, and had to move on. We wanted to see if there were any overlapping themes that we could take to the next stage. We found that we both used circles and overlapping shapes.

Suvera logo crazy 8 workshop ideation


We went through many variations of the design. We went through each process of iteration with feedback and suggestions from the team. The strongest concepts from each iteration were grouped together and voted and improved upon.

suvera logo ideation

The big reveal!

Our final logo was designed to represent a crucial part of Suvera's identity. The green and purple leaves represent the the current healthcare system, together with a community of patients. The blue circle is a form that rises from the open arms of a flower, representing Suvera as a new entity of change. All three are part of a whole. Suvera's mission is to accelerate the move from reactive to proactive healthcare, while delivering a service that keeps people in good health.

suvera logo