We are looking for a technology lead at Suvera. You will be the first EVER technology lead at the company and responsible for all engineering functions. This is a deeply exciting opportunity to accelerate your responsibility and impact as an engineer. If all goes well we very much hope to promote you to CTO at Suvera. We have great engineers at Suvera but we need someone to lead them. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and will never come around again. Salary and equity negotiable!

As Tech lead you will be responsible for:

  • Managing the two additional product engineers on the team
  • All engineering functions at the company

Job requirements:

  • 2+ years of industry mobile and web development
  • Deeply proficient with React.js and an understanding of Go for the back-end
  • Able to work independently and deliver clean quality code and documentation
  • A genuine interest in health technology with a genuine attitude to just find a way and learn from the best in the industry
  • Deeply willing to rise to the challenge of running and developing a strong, early engineering team and practices
  • Excited to work in a lean, design-led practice of product development

About our company:

Suvera is an early-stage VC backed digital health start-up on a mission to create the best follow up care for the world. We have partnered with a number of general practices in the UK, currently trialing our virtual follow-up platform with over 30,000 patients. With a number of phenomenal advisors and a small team. We have massive ambitions to become one of the most impactful digital health companies in the world.

Working environment:

Work from wherever you like. Come to the office or work from home. Completely up to you. Just make sure to always be available for our weekly team meeting.

To apply:

Please send your CV to team@suvera.co.uk with 'Tech lead' in the subject

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